I am sure there is a Tiffany out there whose birthday it is.  This is not a post for her.  It is a pondering post.  Where do you find your inspiration?  Lately mine has been from my childhood.  There have been many changes in my life lately.  Mostly good as far as I can see but changes none the less.  I do not know if these changes make me yearn for a simpler time when the decisions were made for me and I spent hours with my nose stuck in storybooks or if we always look back on our youth in retrospect at certain points in our life.  I am now the mother of a kindergartener.  A happy go lucky kind of boy who decided this week that he did not want to go to school.  I have not figure out why yet.  I will but it might take a while.  He is not very talkative when it comes to personal feelings.  Kid thing?  Guy thing?  5yr old communication thing?  I am not sure.  But his unwillingness to go to school has made me look at the influences in my life at his age and one person sticks out.  Many of you are familiar with her work yet you most likely do not know her name.  She was a brilliant illustrator named Mary Blair.  She did many works for Walt Disney like Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty and also lots of work for Little Golden Books.  Her work is simple, child-like and completely brilliant.  I have started sketching and I find my style looking more and more like hers.  I did not realize this until I stumbled across another blog displaying work that I said looks like Mary Blairs and my husband pointed out that it looked like mine too.  Hmmm?

So Who inspires YOU????


About nikimeiners

Friend, Wife, Mom and an all around crafty old soul. Artist, Writer, Creative Director and Style Maker. Lover of old, fond of the new. Craver of excitement, establisher of the calm. My website Bio- Growing up in a small mid-western town, Niki Meiners was surrounded by a modest, resourceful and very entrepreneurial family. Her simple upbringing spurred her "Can do" attitude and gave her the confidence to try any challenge placed before her. She knew there was more out there than just her small town and set off after high school to explore the world. It was through these travels that she discovered her love of art and her desire to make the world a prettier place. It was not until she suffered a paralyzing illness that she realized she wanted to reconsider her corporate career as a Chief Paper Pusher, and her thoughts immediately turned to her first passion, art. In 2003 she began an odyssey that would take her from product design to publication and everywhere in between. She is known for her distinctive, high quality creations that feature a diverse mix of styles and highly creative approach to even the smallest detail. Niki is an Idea Architect, easily outlining every project from concept to completion. Her creations are simultaneously beautiful and functional and her in depth knowledge of the industry allows her to produce projects with a specific understanding of both the consumers and the manufacturers. This knowledge has allowed her work to be featured in the industries leading craft and lifestyle publications and manufacturers’ websites. nikimeiners at
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3 Responses to Inspiration

  1. Pam says:

    Are the sketches at the end of your post yours? They are lovely. Sure hope you can figure out what is eating at M. School should be so much fun at that age.

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  3. Kim says:

    What inspires me changes all the time – I guess it depends on the moment. Sometimes I will play with some of my pretty fabrics, sometimes it’s photos of my garden or gardens I’ve visited, sometimes it’s music. I do know I really like that collage in this post, please tell me more about it.

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