lovin-from-the-ovenI love to bake.  It is very different from when I cook.  Cooking is an exercise in creativity while baking for me is an exact science.  It is very easy to foul up a baked good.  Too much liquid and it is soggy.  Not enough and you have a hard brick.  Better yet if you are talking on the phone and not paying attention to what you have added you get a really gross tasting hard brick.  Not that I would ever do a thing like that.  Occassionally I like to give my baked goods that have all of their ingredients and taste correctly to my neighboors.  Gift bags for me are the easiest way to deliver them.  In my head the pretty packaging makes it taste better too. 

What is your favorite thing to bake?  Do you have a special packaging?

About nikimeiners

Friend, Wife, Mom and an all around crafty old soul. Artist, Writer, Creative Director and Style Maker. Lover of old, fond of the new. Craver of excitement, establisher of the calm. My website Bio- Growing up in a small mid-western town, Niki Meiners was surrounded by a modest, resourceful and very entrepreneurial family. Her simple upbringing spurred her "Can do" attitude and gave her the confidence to try any challenge placed before her. She knew there was more out there than just her small town and set off after high school to explore the world. It was through these travels that she discovered her love of art and her desire to make the world a prettier place. It was not until she suffered a paralyzing illness that she realized she wanted to reconsider her corporate career as a Chief Paper Pusher, and her thoughts immediately turned to her first passion, art. In 2003 she began an odyssey that would take her from product design to publication and everywhere in between. She is known for her distinctive, high quality creations that feature a diverse mix of styles and highly creative approach to even the smallest detail. Niki is an Idea Architect, easily outlining every project from concept to completion. Her creations are simultaneously beautiful and functional and her in depth knowledge of the industry allows her to produce projects with a specific understanding of both the consumers and the manufacturers. This knowledge has allowed her work to be featured in the industries leading craft and lifestyle publications and manufacturers’ websites. nikimeiners at
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1 Response to Baking?

  1. Kim says:

    Curtis does most of the baking, and we bake mostly cookies. We deliver them in pretty boxes at Christmas, but other times of year I’ll put them in a decorated bag. That bag you made is really pretty.

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