Inspiration Journal

Inspiration journal with Start Ups

Inspiration journal with Start Ups

Inspiration journal with Start Ups

Inspiration journal with Start Ups

Make a journal to keep handy when inspiration strikes.  I made this journal for my  Buttons Galore and More DT post.  The journal is 5×8 and the perfect size to keep bedside or to tote along with you.  I like to use spiral bound notebooks for several reasons.  The spiral binding is a great place to keep the pen handy and it allows you to open the notebook only to the page you need.  To make this inspiration journal follow these simple directions:

Tools and Materials:

Scissors, two pattern papers and a tag,two flowers, paint, paint brush, rub-ons, stylus and Start Ups large tags and Fabri Tac.


Cut two coordinating pieces of pattern paper to fit on the front.  Adhere the two papers with Fabri Tac.  Adhere flowers and let dry.

Paint large tag  and let dry.  Apply rub-ons and adhere to pre-cut tag.  Adhere tag as shown.  Embellish with flowers

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Super Star Saturday – Featuring Me!!!

I have three pieces being feature on Super Star Saturday at the Ice Resin site on their IceQueen Ezine.

Niki Meiners - "Serenity"

Niki Meiners - "Serenity"

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Crochet Necklace with Crystal pendant

Crochet Necklace for Crafts Unleashed

Crochet Necklace for Crafts Unleashed

This is one of my favorite beading projects ever.  I made it for the website  I have recently started to design for them.  There is a great variety of projects available on the site.  Check it out when you have time.


If you know how to crochet, and you like to make jewelry, then this is a fabulous technique to incorporate into your jewelry-making repertoire.  The technique is a simple chain stitch with beads added.  If you do not know how do a chain stitch there are directions below.

When choosing your beads you will want to pick beads that are similar in size.  I used all 6mm beads and I would not go much bigger than that.  Also, long tube beads do not work very well.  If you want to have a multi-strand necklace use more wire and add additional beads.


One spool of silver ming 28 gauge wire

Jewelery Designer Glass Beads Spectra Multi 6mm -40 for a single strand choker, 20 for single strand bracelet. ( 100 for multi-strand necklace and 50 for a multi-strand bracelet.)

Crochet hook, size G.

Wire cutters and needle-nose pliers


Jill MacKay Collection Sterling Plated Magnet Clasp

Genevieve Gail Novelty Crystal Dangle

Silver Jump Rings

If you are interested in learning how to make this necklace or one similar to it you can click on this link to Crafts for full directions.  The links above will take you too the website if you are interested in purchasing the materials.  When creating for Crafts Unleashed I am supplied the materials to make the project.

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Sock Monkey Hop and Monkey Bread ideas

10-Monkey-Bread Ideas from Pilsbury to go along with the Sock Monkey hop and giveaway.

S'mores Monkey Bread

Monkey Bread is so simple to make and tastes great. Here are 10 new takes on the classic recipe for Monkey Bread–from sweet to savory from Pilsbury.

I joined in with a new challenge… make a sock monkey with the help of Ana and Megan Araujo from When Creativity Knocks. They’ve put together a fantastic video tutorial called  Sock Monkey’s Go BanAnas.  Check it out.  Unfortunately I was not able to get my monkey finished.  I will post when I do.  I thought Monkey Bread was a great companion to the hop.

There’s a contest you can enter until December 19th to win a sock monkey package worth over $40.oo!

Prize pack includes:

  • DVD “Sock Monkeys Go BanAnas
  • 1 pair of Rockford Red Heeled Socks
  • Sewing kit, including: needle, button eyes, floss and stuffing
  • Plus 1 pre-sewn sock monkey

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Go to the When Creativity Knocks website.
  2. In the Member Login box click Create An Account.
  3. Enter the code: Sock Monkey

Special thanks to the sponsors of this challenge:

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Flip Pal Blog Hop




When I received my Flip Pal Mobile Scanner last week, my son and I went around scanning everything, When I say everything I really mean it. we scanned dirt, sand, leather and wood furniture and we even tried to scan the dog’s fur but she would not hold still.

I hope to post projects using the cool textures soon.  The project that I am posting about today is a hand drawn, Indian inspired floral motif that I made into a silk screen.  Somehow I have misplaced the original drawing.  Having the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner came in handy as I simply scanned the backside of the screen.  Viola! No, fussing.  Once I imported the file from the scanner I worked with it in Illustrator to create the print you see above.

flip pal

flip pal

To find out more about the Flip-Pal™ mobile scanner and how they work.. check out  their website here! They have some awesome videos.. and instructions on what you can do with the mobile scanner.  We would love it if you would become a fan of their Facebook fan page.

To view the other participants in the blog hop click on the logo to the right called Designer Craft Connection.  You can go backward or forward by clicking on the arrow.  

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Fanciful Fall Wreath


Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath


This is a sneaky peeky of a project on the Rit Dye blog.  If you would like to see more please visit the Rit Dye Blog.

The fall wreath post on the Rit Dye Blog features a directions and accompanying photos.


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Boho Chic Necklace with Resin Pendant

Boho Chic Necklace

Boho Chic Necklace

Yesterday, I made a post on the Amazing Mold Putty website showing how to make a mold.  The title is Mold Making 101 and  and in the post I gave very basic directions on how to make the  mold for this pendant.

Molds, clay and resin have been a fascination of mine for quite a while.  I have plans for a few more pieces using this same pendant.  Okay, more than a few.  A few dozen.  Pretty sure everyone is getting jewelry for gifts this year.  The great thing about using this mold is I can get a consistent look and create the same pendant in a bunch of mediums.

Brush mold with Pearl Ex Powder

Brush mold with Pearl Ex Powder

Pearl Ex mixed with Resin

Pearl Ex mixed with Resin

Pinata Alcohol Inks and Luminarte 3D Paint added

Pinata Alcohol Inks and Lumiere 3D Paint added

Glazed and wire wrapped pendant

Glazed and wire wrapped pendant

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